IT investment is a key priority for the upcoming year. Businesses are heading towards adopting the new normal. Many industries came to an unexpected halt because of the coronavirus pandemic. Business should stay aware of the new normal as leaving investment completely on the back burner is also risky. Businesses that can invest in operational changes that boost efficiency and cut cost will be able to navigate the long and short term.

What innovation demands? Innovation needs research and planning. Changes made in business operations should be seamless and should avoid disruption, and this applies the same to IT.

Do you know by 2023, the market value of global managed IT service will reach $312 billion? The number is rising continuously. But all managed IT service providers are not created equally. Some promise fast and efficient services and later cross deadlines and cannot meet the claims. Others do not possess advanced or desirable skills to meet the complex demands of the company. 

If your service provider is not meeting your expectations and you have to monitor and communicate every time leaving your productive task, then what you should do? How can you move to a new provider with minimum disruption? 

In this article, you will find answers to your queries.

Ensure control of data is in your hand.

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Working with the same IT provider for some time makes you rely on them. They manage your cloud storage location and passwords and even create your network infrastructure design and store network management information on their servers. 

So when it comes to changing companies, it seems a little stressful. Avoid this scenario by keeping a record or insisting provider that your company servers keep data, and you can access it anytime. 

Well, it is not that the IT company will ransom you by retaining data, but it is more difficult to share information with the new IT company when it’s not in your hand.

Sort minor issues and fix IT service provider

If an IT service provider is falling short in terms of pricing, communication or speed, whatever may be the reason, it leaves a great impact on business. 

Budget gets cut in other departments, employees’ tasks get disrupted, and decision-makers waste their time fixing issues or negotiating with vendors. 

The prospect of switching vendors may seem cost-efficient and effective, but it is very important to weigh the pros and cons of potential providers to achieve a deal that makes sense for the business.

For example, if the priority is flexible working hours, but your current provider offers unbeatable pricing, it is important to find a solution that delivers greater flexibility without paying over the odds.

In the above case, it is wise to continue a fixed contract with your current provider and outsourcing work to a vendor that offers flexible hours on an ad hoc basis.

It is very important to define key priorities by speaking to vendors who fulfil the top criteria. Later, you will negotiate in other areas like cost, contract, length, etc.

Trust, reliability, and speed are the key factor on which the work of outsourcing depends. It’s just like you trust your employees. 

Trusted and speedy vendors may charge slightly higher, but it will cut the downtime cost and disruption associated with slower and less responsive providers.

Pen down your troubles

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If you are planning to switch your managed IT service company, there must be a very legitimate reason. The reason can be the speed of the service they provide or technical ability, which the vendor did not possess. Whatever the case, learn from the experience and include all the troubles in the service level agreement which you make with the new IT company. Let them know your expectations and establish a clear budget. 

Prepare to share your documentation.

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Prepare to give your IT service provider the best start you can. Gather all the crucial information about your company by accessing IT infrastructure. Make documentation regarding the systems. These documents can include a lot of things but are not limited to, the following:

  • Network, diagram and design specifications
  • Network administrator username and password
  • Log in address
  • User manuals and software & hardware inventories

If you provide this documentation to your IT management provider, it will prove helpful, and they will learn about your system faster than normal and ensure minimum disruption.

Smooth switch to a new IT service provider

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Communication is the best tool for the smooth switch to a new IT service provider. In terms of partnership, both parties must agree, including responsibilities, working hours and point of contact.

Mutual expectations from the outset minimises disruption throughout the relationship.

Likewise, nominating account managers and key contacts ensure IT service providers know the business like an employee and act as an extended team. This intricate relationship enables work with minimal delay or disruption.

Businesses who are planning to switch should arrange a meeting between current and new vendors. They will direct the best new vendors about unfinished work, ongoing projects, and the current IT environment. 

For those who have in-house IT departments for them defining boundaries is very crucial. Each team needs to understand their job roles and ownership and autonomy. It will encourage efficiency and minimise delays. We recommend arranging regular feedback sessions to smoothen roadblocks. Communication does not end once the contract is signed, as it is a continuous process. Ensure weekly calls with the account manager to discuss complete work schedules and raise concerns. It is very important to solve issues at the same time before they become full-blown problems.

IT service provider who provide customer loyalty and royalty

If your IT service provider is not providing you prompt, effective and courteous service, then it’s time to make the shift. A service provider needs to solve the problem quickly or escalate the issue to a party and communicate the reasons. 

If you are looking for expert service, we are here to help. PatternBots leverages years of experience in the IT industry to provide a professional and fast IT service. 

Take a moment and check what services we offer to your business by following our blog or contacting us.

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