Increasing demand in IT software development services increased the number in demand of SAP companies. Both SMEs and large enterprises globally are hiring SAP consultants with the aim to get high-quality software development and consulting services to match the demand for the latest technologies and innovations. SAP companies deal in several services like from consulting to custom software development; they allow companies to cover various operations. Here is the list of SAP implementation companies and agencies to define their value on the market and which to choose?

Here are the top 5 SAP consulting companies. 

Zensar Technologies

The company is included in one big corporation named RPS which was founded in 1979. Zensar is the leasing company and among the top leader of SAP consultant world. It also a top ERP consulting company in India and deals with Application Transformation, Cloud and Infrastructure, Digital Experience, Testing and Analytics. In the best IT solution in India comes Zensar and covers business intelligence, data warehousing, business process outsourcing, enterprise product implementation, development, migration and support and the whole suite of software application planning.

Marlabs Inc. 

The company mainly applies the Digital 360 framework, and it provides digital transformation such as digital automation, digital security, AI, cloud enterprise analytics and digital user experience. The company thrives and concentrates on the latest technologies and strives to deliver IoT, IoP, Intent-Intelligence, and blockchain, including prototyping, rapid deployment, and co-creation for clients globally. The total number of employees has reached 2500, and they specialize in numerous industries like healthcare, banking, financial services, airlines, education, insurance and energy.


In the USA, Utegration is among the top SAP consulting companies with the distinctive features of providing SAP solutions in areas of utility operations. The company integrates customer experience, bill managed services, analytics, financials and asset management in client’s businesses. Considering business goals and objectives, the company can also offer an SAP business consultant to assist in terms of ERP implementation.


It is a recently established Russian company that deals in a variety of web solutions, system integration, mobile app development and custom web development. With employees up to 50 they try to manage and satisfy client’s needs in ERP, VMS, CRM and CMS implementations.


Stridely solutions provide enterprise mobility solutions (EMS), custom software development, and IoT solution services in more than 18 countries globally. The company have a team of 200 tech experts who leverage SAP, IoT, RPA, advanced analytics, Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Dynamics technology to provide excellent services to its global partners and clients. The company works on various industries and market sectors.


Patternbots is a certified technology solution provider. The main area of expertise is in providing professional consulting and integration of SAP ERP systems. The catalogue of SAP services focuses on selecting the best and appropriate solutions as per requirements. The following services are listed under SAP consulting in PatternBots- SAP project management, SAP support across modules, SAP- implementation, upgrade and rollouts, SAP platform merger and demerger. The company works with different niches across numerous industries and market sectors.

Useful tips on how to choose SAP consulting companies

The above list is a small part of all available vendors. In reality, the SAP ecosystem exhibits a number of consulting companies, and because of this, companies fail to choose the best one due to lack of knowledge. Below is the list of aspects that you need to consider before hiring SAP solutions architects. 


To ensure delivery of strong technical services, you should have a potential SAP certification with competency level. Keep this point while requesting a SAP-certified consultant and moreover the portfolio for SAP will be considered plus point.

Case studies

Case studies section is very important to demonstrate successful collaboration experience to clients with other companies. Every recognized and professional SAP company have case studies. The detailed study helps in analyzing what kind of services a company provide, client feed and short term and long-term solution. 

Corporate culture match

Another crucial factor to consider in SAP company’s corporate value is corporate culture match. if you want your business goals to meet the level of expertise, then make sure your corporate culture, business vision and mission is aligned with the vendors.

Team size

SAP consultant resume is a must to analyze the experience, skills, education, personal traits and other information. The more applicants SAP company can offer there are more chances a company finds a perfect match.


Obviously, a company would not waste its financial resources in hiring different SAP service companies for different SAP services. Analyse the scope of your vendor’s list of services. The primary one includes deployment, integrations, support and maintenance.

Destination country

Choosing the country where you want your SAP provider is in the list. Consider the following thing while analyzing the market: salary rates, top software consulting companies, value in the country GDP, recruitment process and corporate culture.

SAP accreditation

SAP accreditation is very important as it cares about the reputation and accredition given by SAP’s center of expertise. If a company have it that means it has passed many requirements and will deliver high-quality services.

Design Your SAP Product with PatternBots

Top SAP Consulting Companies

From small to tremendous large projects Patternbots is delivering high-quality services to clients spreading from the United States to Asian countries. We focus on the needs and concerns about the requirements. We are eager to understand your technical requirements and business philosophy and make the best plan out of your cooperation. 

With the dramatically developing IT market of Belgium, we find and select the best candidates for your SAP technical consultant exclusively to be a perfect match. In no time, PatternBots offers the best services:

  • FAST hiring process

within 3-6 weeks you will present to shortlist of candidates and provide assistance in the selection process.

  • Strong technical expertise

as per requirements we match SAP consultants and select which matches your vision to establish long term successful collaboration.

  • Smart costs

At cost-effective rates our clients get outstanding IT out staffing services. We offer fixed prices which include expenses on recruiting, onboarding of selected candidates, working space expenses, accounting taxes and more. PatternBots aim to build a strong relationship with clients and keep them satisfied with the best services.

  • Staff retention

one of our core values is retention, so satisfying teams’ professional and personal needs is not your pain.

  • Integration through visit

we encourage clients to work side by side with the team and organize visits to get them to know better.

Wrapping up

Out of vast number of available SAP companies which offers consulting services PatternBots benefits you most as you can discover any country with the most attractive conditions for cooperation. Hiring SAP consultant from Belgium is popular for the West European countries such as Switzerland, Germany and also in Canada, Japan and the United States. the service in Belgium has proven high quality and also specialist dedicatedly and pro-actively add innovation eye to each SAP-based product. For details, contact us at [email protected]

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