What are the benefits of SaaS for small and medium sized businesses? Based on applications SaaS provides a great cost effective alternative to IT business. Over the internet, SaaS wraps up the business applications. SaaS services are available by CSP providers and vendors and work as a unified application resource. CTOs and DevOps need to recognise the exact requirements for on-premise applications to move on SaaS platforms to minimize software acquisition risk and move resources from reactive to proactive state of implementation. SaaS supports organisations of all sizes and based on services it produces value-added systems and software.

Benefits of software-as-a-service (SaaS)

  • Single instance

Single instance works as a one customer for an application architecture, customer customization and customers purchase version as per their specific requirements. Multiple requirements are configured for updates.

  • Multi tenancy

Single instance work for multiple customers and serve accordingly. Tennants can customize the user interface as per their requirements. These are cost saving factors for development and maintenance for any application under implementation. The entire architecture needs to be updated only once by tenants. 

  • Application monetization

SaaS strategies are helping vendors to monetize their application architecture. This will increase revenue, pricing and packaging techniques. It also includes anti-piracy and IP protection analysis for all systems at on-premises and increase the profitability scenarios within the organization.

  • Tenant isolation

Stop unwanted access from one to another and this excludes noisy neighbors. Tenant data can be restored and customized according to the application and system requirements.

  • Risk handling of software acquisition

To eliminate the risk of acquisition with respect to software and physical assets, SaaS allows on-premise application architecture to be uploaded on cloud data centers. It decreases the expenses for on-premise infrastructure.

  • Maximum scalability, availability and elasticity

Data availability should be planned carefully when migrating from on-premise to cloud data centers. SaaS provide best mechanism for storage and traffic managers to identify the failure in fetching data from data centers. What increases application stability? Dividing the application on multiple elements is the reason for increased application stability and it is applicable in terms of processing the data, instances and increase in cache size and message queues. SaaS helps control worker and web role instances and accelerates the elasticity in application execution.

  • Licensing

SaaS with its multiple solutions allow tenants to go for usage-based transaction models. It makes the user billed for the number of services consumed per transaction. It has further two parts: location and management which indicates SaaS completely owns the management of IT systems and services and on-premise infrastructure and service-level agreements.

  • Zero infrastructure
benefits of software as a service-zero infrastructure-patternbots

The complexity of the underlying IT infrastructure is all handled by Saas vendors and it is important when delivering business applications. Regarding the maintenance of hardware users do not have to worry about which operating system version supports databases. SaaS vendors take care of all this for your business.

  • Long term customer relationship

At patternBots we are happy to serve you and are very focused on ensuring you remain with us for the long term. As compared to traditional software vendors who just focus on earning profit our main focus is on client satisfaction. The traditional vendors focus on their profit of initial software sales and have relatively small ongoing support fees. Their focus is just on getting you to buy a license and not on a longer term view.

  • Seamless upgrades
benefits of software as a service- seamless upgrades-patternbots

Your Saas provider will upgrade and update software for you and try to eliminate the need of installation and patches. At any one time you can be assured that you will have the most up to date software for your business.

Wrapping up:

The above listed benefits are some top reasons which a business owner should consider while choosing SaaS. Why a business needs SaaS and how it can grow to match the tough software competition of the market. At PatternBots we take care of small details associated with your business and our SaaS experts plan and execute everything for your application requirements specially. If you are looking for SaaS implementation in your business contact us for more details.